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When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity. We would love to see what has Caught Your Eyes! If it is appreciated by you we are sure it's worth sharing! Inspire everyone & stand a chance to Win an exciting prize every month!

  • Indian restaurant with modern interiors

    Shot at:


  • Rashmi Kanchan

    Beauty of an antique piece !

    Shot at:


  • Shehana Lye

    This was shot during "Vesak" at Gangaramaya.

    Shot at:

    Sri Lanka

  • The Bar Decor

    Shot at:

    Souk Al Madinat - Jumeirah

  • Love the colourful decor

    Shot at:


  • Wall inspired by the Beach & Sea

    Shot at:


  • Honey Thadani

    Majestic <3

    Shot at:

    Emirates Hills Villa


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